Year of Transformation


I believe 2019 is the year of transformation and change.  We should expect things to be different this year. We need to look at life with different lenses—look at the beauty around us.  It’s finally time to stop complaining about what we have, don’t have and what we need.  Sometimes we take for granted the things that God provides for us.  For instance, the air we breathe, the sun that provides light in the daytime and the moon that provides light at night.  We are so consumed with everyday living, we tend to forget how blessed we all really are.  We could be living on a planet where the air we breathe was tainted and we had to wear mask, but God has given us a planet that has everything we need to survive.  This year do not be consumed by the negative things going on in your life.  Think about the things you want to accomplish this year.

Have you ever asked God what he wants you to do for him?  Maybe he wants you to encourage a coworker who has an illness they are suffering with?  A lot of times we are so focused on trying to make it through the day we overlook the people around us who are dealing with their own problems and issues.  I believe in 2019 God is calling us to be more intentional about the things that are important to him.  He wants us to be more concerned with those around us.  We might be the only church they know or the only Godly example they interact with.  Therefore, it is very important that we are aware of how we represent God each day.  When bad things happen to us, do we complain and become negative?  We are supposed to have joy in every season of our lives.  In the bad and good times praise should always be on our lips.  Yes, it is not always easy to have joy when we lose a loved one, but whatever we are going through our thoughts should turn to God.  When we focus on him, the way we view things always changes for the better.

This is the year to be positive.  Speak about what you want to happen this year.  Write your goals and aspirations down and put them where you can see them every day.  In Habakkuk 2:2 it says, “Write the vision down, make it plain.”  Praise God every day for what he is going to do to help you reach your goals.  This year we are going to have problems and challenges, but he will help us overcome them.  In Psalm 46:1 it says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

I am determined this year to not have any pity parties.  I started the year off with one and I said no more.  It is time for us to stand on the truth of God’s word.  If he said it, then we should believe it.  Remember all the times when you cried out to the Lord and he heard your cries and helped you out with the situation you were dealing with?  We must keep our faith and trust in him.  I challenge you to write down all the good and bad things that happened to you in 2018.  I bet the good outweighs the bad.  This year let’s stay positive, prayerful and praise him for who he is in our lives.  He is the lily in the valley, the alpha and the omega, our savior, peace and joy.


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