Rest and Relaxation


Everyone needs rest at some point of time. The definition of “rest” is to cease work or movement, to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.  When we are at rest we stop doing the things we usually do.  We are not at work and we are not at home cleaning. God created the earth in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested.  God’s word tells us we should always take time to rest.  We cannot keep on going and going.  This eventually leads to burn out and sickness.  Our bodies were not designed for us to be busy working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our bodies require rest, so it can heal and be rejuvenated.  Many of us work ourselves to death and never take any time off.  Never taking the time to reflect on all the things we have already done.  Some of us never take time to pray and seek God because he might want to adjust the direction we are going in.  If we never have any quiet time, how can we know what God’s plan is for us.  How can we know if we are moving in the right direction?

I just spent 2 weeks on vacation.  I went to Oklahoma where I visited with family and friends.  I had a chance to get away from my normal routine of church and work.  I really needed this time, because I have been exhausted.  Last year, I really did not have a vacation.  I only got away a couple times for a weekend, when normally I would at least take a week off to go somewhere.  These past 2 weeks have helped me tremendously.  I went back to work relaxed, revived and restored.  Getting away from my normal routine showed me some things I need to change in my life, so I will not be so tired.  I got the chance to pray, reflect on my life and on the purpose God has given me.

We can get so busy doing stuff that we forget that we need to take time for ourselves and to relax.  The world tells us we need to be busy working at our careers, we must be the best mothers, and the best fathers.  God does not tell us we need to work 50 plus hours a week to be the best servant for him.  He tells us we should do his will.  He does not tell us we need the biggest and most expensive house we can afford.  He tells us if we do his will, he will supply all our needs according to his riches in glory.  Society tells us if we don’t make it happen, it won’t happen.  Then we work long hours to acquire things, some we need and some we don’t need.  Then when we retire we are worn out and sometimes sickly because we worked ourselves to death.

We need to remember we have only one life to live.  Take some time each week to relax and rest.  Relax your body and mind.  Spend some quiet time in prayer and meditation.  Take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.




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