Where Is The Love?

Where is the love

A lot of things have been going on this year.  Who would have thought we would experience a worldwide pandemic?  Where everyone had to stay quarantined at their homes.  Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to stay at home, I had to work.  Now as many states are opening and trying to get back to some sense of normalcy, we have a race riot in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which leads to burning and looting of businesses.  Now various protests are happening in cities all over the United States.

When I look at all the things going on, I asked God where is our love for one another?  Why when something tragic happens, we want to commit more violence and cause more pain?  People have already been suffering because of the corona virus.  Many people have lost love ones and some people are still recovering from the virus.  Some have lost their jobs, their ability to provide for themselves and their family.  Yes, people are upset about what happened in Minneapolis, but there must be another way other than violence to deal with it.  In the bible we are told to love our neighbor just like we love ourselves.  If I love myself and I treat my neighbor like I want to be treated.  Then I would have some empathy and compassion for what they are going through.

God’s kingdom is built on love.  God’s love for us, our love for God, ourselves and our fellowman.  Love is an action word.  The love God talks about in the bible is revealed by actions.  If we really love somebody our actions will show how much we love them.  When we love someone, we want the best for them, and we do not want to harm them.  God’s word tells us to not let our anger cause us to sin.  Meaning do not get so mad that you become enraged and do foolish things.  For example, you get mad, then you take a weapon out and harm someone.  Whatever we must do to dissipate our anger do it.  Sometimes we might have to walk away or go somewhere to pray and ask God to take away our anger.

In 2 Corinthians 13:4 it says, “Love endures with patience and serenity, love is kind and thoughtful, and is not jealous or envious; love does not brag and is not proud or arrogant.”  This verse tells us that love is patient.  When we have patience, we can wait or endure something without getting angry or mad.  We can stay calm in the middle of a storm.  When we have patience, we will not get riled up when something bad happens.  We might get upset, but we know how to take it to the Lord in prayer.  We must do what the bible says in Psalm 37:8, “Don’t give in to worry or anger; it only leads to trouble.”  When we do not exercise patience and impulsively react to every situation, we are presented with it can lead to trouble.  It is crucial to stop, think and pray before we react.

This verse goes on to say that love is kind and thoughtful.  Love thinks good things about everyone.  When we have love for our fellowman, we will show them kindness.  Especially, to the unlovable an unreachable.  Love is not jealous or envious.  When we love we are happy when the others are blessed.  We do not get upset when they buy a new house or new car.  Love is not proud or arrogant. When we love we know that everything we have is a blessing from God.  We give him praise and glory for everything we have.

Where is the love?  Where is our compassion for one another?  Instead, of rioting why can’t we come together and have intelligent dialogue about the problems in our country?  After all the riots and looting nothing will have changed.  The only thing we will see is more devastation and destruction.  In times like this we need a savior.  This is the time to get on our knees and ask God to intervene our behalf.  This is the time to pray for our fellowman.  This is the time to pray that racism would end.  This is the time to pray and ask God to teach us how to love.  This is the time to show love for one another.  God commands us to love each other, the same way he loves us.  He loved us so much that he let his son die on the cross for our sins and redemption.  He did not have to this, but he did.  Today show someone love.


One thought on “Where Is The Love?

  1. In times like this we need more words of compassion and inspiration from the Lord! Thank you as fear and worry is constantly prevailing with all this uncertainty and confusion!


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